Business Law

By Tejpal Sheth
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9788131798300
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Important Features:
  1. Theory Supported with necessary examples and case studies.
  2. Features like multiple-choice questions. Test your knowledge, landmark judgments
  3. Case studies at the end of each chapter.
Book includes:
  1. 270 plus case studies.� 
  2. 750 plus questions under the test your knowledge segment with hints.
  3. 340 plus landmarks judgments.
  4. 1800 plus Multiple Choice Questions with answers.
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1. The Indian Contract Act 1872: Nature and Kind of Contracts
2. The Indian Contract Act 1872: Offer and Acceptance of an Offer
3. The Indian Contract Act 1872: Capacity of Parties and Consideration
4. The Indian Contract Act 1872: Free Consent
5. The Indian Contract Act 1872: Void Agreement and Contingent Contract
6. The Indian Contract Act 1872: Performance of Contract
7. The Indian Contract Act 1872: Discharge of a Contract
8. The Indian Contract Act 1872: Remedies for Breach of Contract and Quasi-contract
9. The Indian Contract Act 1872: Indemnity and Guarantee
10. The Indian Contract Act 1872: Bailment and Pledge
11. The Indian Contract Act 1872: Agency
12. The Partnership Act 1932
13. Sales of Goods Act 1930
14. The Negotiable Instrument Act 1881
15. Consumer Protection Act 1986
16. Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999
17. Information Technology Act 2000
18. Companies Act 1956 : Types of Company and Its Characters
19. Companies Act 1956: Memorandum, Article of Association and Prospectus
20. Companies Act 1956: Share Capital
21. Companies Act 1956: Meeting
22. Companies Act 1956: Management of the Company
23. Payment of Bonus Act 1965
24. The Payment of Gratuity Act 1972
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Business Law
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Business Law
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