Principles of Marketing and E-Commerce

By Isita Lahiri, Sujit Kumar Ghosh
Publisher: Pearson India, 2011
ISBN: 9788131798379
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Salient Features:
  1. Each chapter consists of short and type questions for active class discussions.
  2. Includes solved model papers.
  3. The book will help students clarify their concepts helping them to gain practical insight as per the current market environment.
  4. Each chapter ends with a Students Ready Reckoner which assists the readers in reviewing what they have read.
Principles of Marketing and E-Commerce
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Part 1: Principles Of Marketing
1. Marketing: Adding Value to Customers
2. Marketing Environment: An Ever-changing Force
3. Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning: Reaching Consumers Efficiently
4. Consumer Behaviour: Knowing the Unknown
5. Marketing Mix: Blending with Marketing Flavour
6. Product Management: Going Beyond Tangibility
7. Pricing: Justifying Value of Products
8. Promotion: Stimulating Consumers' Desire
9. Distribution Management: Fortifying the Network
10. Marketing Information System and Marketing Research: Searching and Shaping
11. Retail Management: Serving Customers
Part 2: E-Commerce
12. E-commerce: The New Business Paradigm
13. Mobile Commerce (M-commerce): Business at Fingertips
14. Forms of E-commerce: Business Models
15. E-CRM: Retaining Customers
16. E-payment System: A Viable Alternative
17. Enterprise Resource Planning: The Journey Begins
18. E-supply Chain Management: Monitoring Supply Environment
Model Question Papers
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Principles of Marketing and...
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Principles of Marketing and...
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