Corporate Accounting : for B. Com course of Uttar Pradesh Universities

By V. Rajasekaran
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9788131794395
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This book is a through and comprehensive introduction to the world of corporate accounting set within a practical context, It provides extensive coverage of the dynamics within companies, discussing in detail the relevant concepts of amalgamation, debentures and shares. Designed especially for the student of B.Com. in various universities across India, the book offers all that they need to explore the world of corporate accounting.
Front Cover
Title Page
1. Corporate Accounting (Company Accounts)-Issue Of Share Capital
2. Underwriting Of Shares And Debentures
3. Redemption Of Preference Shares
4. Issue And Redemption Of Debentures
5. Profits Prior To Incorporation
6. Final Accounts Of Companies
7. Valuation Of Goodwill And Shares
8. Amalgamation, Absorption And External Reconstruction
9. Accounts Of Banking Companies
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Corporate Accounting : for B....
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Corporate Accounting : for B....
This book is a through and comprehensive i...
INR  252.00
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