International Business Management : For Anna University

By Vyuptakesh Sharan
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9788131794494
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With a clear and lucid style of presentation, this text not only offers a concise yet broad coverage of the theories that determine behaviour in organizations, but also address the specific needs of Indian students and managers. It takes an in-depth look at the key factor essential for the successful execution of managerial roles and responsibilities at the workplace and reflects the most resent research and development in the field of organizational behaviour.
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1. Overview Of International Business
2. Modes Of International Business
3. Theories Of International Trade
4. Balance Of Payments
5. National Regulation Of International Business
6. Multilateral Regulation Of Trade And Investment
7. Regional Economic Integration
8. Political And Legal Environment
9. Economic Environment
10. Socio-Cultural And Ethical Environment
11. International Financial Environment: Exchange Rate
12. Strategy, Planning, Organisation And Control
13. Management Of International Operations
14. International Market Strategy
15. Global Human Resource Management
16. International Investment And Financing Strategy
17. Management Of Exchange Rate And Interest Rate Risk
18. Host Country Heterogeneity And International Business Strategy
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International Business...
With a clear and lucid style of presentati...
INR  247.50
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