Financial Accounting

By V. Rajasekaran
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9788131794500
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Important Features:
  1. Concepts in accounting explained with the help of diagrams and step-by-step illustrations.
  2. Select model questions from different universities.
  3. More than 300 solved examples.

Exercises include over:
  1. 600 MCQs, as well as true-or-false and fill-in-the blanks exercises.
  2. 300 practical exercises.
  3. 300 short- and essay-type questions.
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Title Page
Book Details
1. Accounting as an Information System
2. Nature of Financial Accounting Principles
3. Accounting Standards
4. Accounting for Hire-Purchase and Installment
5. Accounting for Inland Branches
6. Dissolution of Partnership
7. Amalgamation, Absorption and External Reconstruction
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Financial Accounting
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Financial Accounting
<strong>Important Features:</strong><br/><...
INR  211.50
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