Epic and Other Higher Narratives

By Steven Shankman, Amiya Dev
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9788131794531
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This volume, consisting of twelve essays, has been dedicated to the memory of Earl Miner, the distinguished comparatist and pioneering scholar in the theoretical foundations of narrative literature. It begins with a discussion on the theoretical higher narratives.It also draws our attention to the oral epics of Africa as examples of higher narrative and the role of the media in stirring unsettling passion of higher narrative in early China, and goes on to analyse the elevated style of modern Italian fiction.
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1. Describing Higher Narrative
2. Higher Narratives in Korea
3. The Myth of Unity and Coherence in Narrative: An Intercultural Perspective
4. Genres: An Intercultural Approach
5. Poet, God and the Beloved: Combining a Variety of Linguistic Registers with Higher Narrative in Medieval Spain
6. Levels of Narration in the Mahabharata
7. A Higher Narrative in Pictures: Iconography, Intermediality, and Contemporary Uses of the Epic in India
8. How to Read an Indian Novel
9. Shiji as Higher Narrative: The Idea of Authorship
10. Dialogic Resonance: The Rhetoric of Coincidence and Intertextuality in The Story of the Stone
11. Prosaic Profundity: The Dream of the Red Chamber and Clarissa as Higher Narratives
12. Poetic Inspiration and Ethics of Writing as Source of Higher Narrative in Cervantes and Manzoni
An Afterthought
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Epic and Other Higher Narratives
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Epic and Other Higher Narratives
This volume, consisting of twelve essays, ...
INR  877.50
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