Statistics for Management: For VTU

By J. K. Sharma
Publisher: Pearson India, 2011
ISBN: 9788131794555
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Statistic for Management is a comprehensive textbook designed to help students the concepts, theories and practices underlying statistics in a systematic manner. The book assists readers in converting data into useful information by way of numerous case studies, examples and exercise. The organization of the text is designed to meet the requirements of students pushing a management course.
Front Cover
Title Page
1. Statistics: An Overview
2. Data Classification, Tabulation And Presentation
3. Measures Of Central Tendency
4. Measures Of Dispersion
5. Fundamentals Of Probability
6. Probability Distributions
7. Sampling And Sampling Distributions
8. Hypothesis Testing
9. Analysis Of Variance
10. Correlation Analysis
11. Regression Analysis
12. Forecasting And Time Series Analysis
13. Index Numbers
14. Skewness, Moments And Kurtosis
15. Chi-Square And Other Non-Parametric Tests
Model Question Papers
Solution To Model Question Paper-I
Solution To Model Question Paper-II
Back Cover
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Statistics for Management: For VTU
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Statistics for Management: For VTU
Statistic for Management is a comprehensiv...
INR  315.00
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