Environmental Issues in India: A Reader

By Mahesh Rangarajan
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9788131794586
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This volume is an excellent compilation of salient and accesible writing on India's long and complex environmental history.It deserves the widest possible readership among young Indians and their teachers.It provides a glimpse of the vast and diverse issues that constitute environmentalism today. An excellent introduction to the subject.
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Preface and Acknowledgements
1. Climate, a Factor in the Rise and Fall of the Indus Civilization: Evidence from Rajasthan and Beyond
2. Iron Tools, Forest Clearance and Urbanization in the Gangetic Plains
3. Forests and Settlements
4. The Forest and the Field in Ancient India
5. The Great Mughals Go Hunting Lions
6. Ecoloy and Traditional Systems of Water Management Revisiting Medieval Rajasthan
7. A Historical Study of the Control of Grass and Fodder Resources in Eighteenth-Century Maharashtra
8. Mahatama Gandhi and the Environmental Movement
9. The Uses of Eccentricity: The Making of Salim Ali
10. Jim Corbett: A Life Story
11. Agriculture on Spaceship Earth
12. The Green Revolution
13. Rehabilitating Degraded Lands
14. Common Property Resources and the Rural Poor
15. Water Pollution Control: Role of Community and Public Action
16. Diara Diary
17. South Asian Pastoralism: The Environmental Question
18. The New Land Use Policy: People and Forests in Mizoram
19. The Gender and Environment Debate: Lessons from India
20. A Great Legacy Dissipated
21. Sacred Groves for the Twenty-First Century
22. Ecological Conflicts and the Environmental
23. Monumental Folly
24. The Tragedy of Displacement
25. Community, Place and Citizenship
26. Lessons from the Deluge: Priorties for Multi-Hazard Risk Mitigation
27. The Tiger and the Honeybee
28. Empowerment and Disempowerment of Forest Women in Uttarakhand, India
29. The Dreams of a Water Warrior
30. Environmentalism and Political Economy
31. Are We Prepared for Another Bhopal?
32. Is the Friendly Atom Poised for a Comeback?
33. Global Warming and India
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Environmental Issues in India: A...
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Environmental Issues in India: A...
This volume is an excellent compilation of...
INR  341.10
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