Sociology For Nurses

By I. Clement
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332502741
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This book helps students achieve an understanding of sociology in the context of its relevance to the nursing practice. Converting the core themes and concepts of sociology, as relevant to the practice of nursing and medicine, this book has been prepared to present even the most difficult concepts in a language that is clear, simple and easy for students to understand. This book follows the Indian Nursing Council syllabus and covers the courses in nursing and midwifery offered by the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore. The author has drawn from his vast personal experience in conducting workshop and creating training materials for nurses to produce a textbook that nurses will find useful in conducting their day-to-day work. The book includes numerous definitions and concept boxes, and comparison tables.
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Title Page
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1. Introduction to Sociology
2. Sociology and Nursing
3. Man, Society and Environment
4. Primary Concepts in Sociology
5. Social Process
6. Culture
7. Population
8. Social Groups
9. Marriage and Family
10. Rural Communities in India
11. Urban Communities in India
12. Social Stratification
13. Social Mobility
14. Race
15. Social System
16. Social Organization
17. Social Disorganization
18. Social Problems
19. Social Control
20. Social Change
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Sociology For Nurses
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Sociology For Nurses
This book helps students achieve an unders...
INR  252.00
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