Ethics: Theory and Practice

By Y. V. Satyanarayana
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332502666
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Ethics: Theory and Practice deals with moral theories in India and Western philosophical traditions as well as the debates that center around their application. The book has ten chapters the first three chapters present Indian and western moral theories and the remaining seven chapters cover a variety of contemporary moral issue that are controversial as well as inescapable. Written in a style that is but elegant, this book is an invaluable guide for Indian students.
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1. Morality and Moral Reasoning
2. A Critical Survey of Indian Ethics
3. A Critical Survey of Western Moral Theories
4. The Justification of Civil Disobedience
5. Preferential Treatment and Moral Justification
6. The Need for Environmental Ethics
7. The Justification of Capital Punishment
8. The Problem of Abortion
9. The Justification of Voluntary Euthanasia
10. Gender Discrimination and Unequal Treatment of Women
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Ethics: Theory and Practice
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Ethics: Theory and Practice
Ethics: Theory and Practice deals with mor...
INR  157.50
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