Business Mathematics

By Kashyap Trivedi, Chirag Trivedi
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332504899
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Salient Features:

  1. Each topic is explained in the simplest manner with the help of step-by-step illustrations and solved examples.
  2. The chapter include: More than 900 solved problems, More than 2300 unsolved problems.
  3. Graphical presentations and figures to support arguments, reinforce logic and boost visual memory.
  4. Similar concepts and chapters are grouped together to ensure clarity in understanding.
Front Cover
Title Page
1. Surds
2. Indices and Logarithm
3. Quadratic Equation
4. Complex Numbers
5. Set, Relation and Function
6. Profit-Loss, Discount, Commission and Brokerage
7. Simple Interest, Average Due Dates and Rebate on Bills Discounted
8. Compound Interest and Depreciation
9. Annuity
10. Limit and Continuity
11. Differential Calculus
12. Integral Calculus
13. Applications of Calculus
14. Point
15. Straight Line
16. Straight Lines
17. Circle
18. Parabola
19. Ellipse
20. Hyperbola
21. Determinant
22. Matrix Algebra
23. Permutation and Combination
24. Binomial Expansion
25. Principle of Mathematical Induction
26. Sequence and Series
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Business Mathematics
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Business Mathematics
<p><strong>Salient Features:</strong></p> ...
INR  359.10
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