Indian Administration

By Hoshiar Singh,Pankaj Singh
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332502888
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Indian Administration is a critical and analytical guide to all the important aspects of public administration in India. It examines the government and the administration at every level and tier. Its wide coverage includes all the major landmarks in the evolution of Indian administration, Panchayati Raj and urban local government after the consitutionalization of local government in India. It also addresses the issues plaguing our bureaucracy, making full use of reports from the Administrative Reforms Commission and various other committees. Comprehensive and well-researched, this text will fulfill the needs of students of political science and public administration, as well as candidates for civil service examinations. It will also be a valuable resource to scholars and administrators.
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1. The Evolution of Public Administration in India
2. Constitution and Administration
3. Parliamentary Democracy
4. Political Executive at the Union Level
5. The Prime Minister
6. The Council of Ministers
7. The Parliament
8. The Supreme Court of India
9. The Structure of Central Administration
10. The Cabinet Secretariat
11. Ministries and Departments
12. Boards, Commissions and Field Organizations
13. The Finance Commission
14. Centre-State Relations
15. Union Public Service Commission
16. Public Services
17. Constitutional Protection to Civil Servants
18. Machinery for Planning
19. Public Undertakings
20. Control over Public Expenditure
21. Administration of Law and Order
22. Accountability and Control over Public Administration
23. State Administration
24. District Administration
25. Panchayati Raj
26. Urban Local Government
27. Administration for Welfare
28. Issues in Indian Administration
29. Administrative Reforms
30. National Human Rights Commission
31. Problems of Governance in India
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Indian Administration
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Indian Administration
Indian Administration is a critical and an...
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