Foundations of Indian Psychology Volume 1

By R.M. Matthijis Cornelissen, Girishwar Misra, Sune..
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332502680
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Exchange of ideas between different traditions is becoming the norm in twenty-first century research and studies. This book rejects discussions in psychology based only on American or European thought by presenting fascinating insights on the study of human nature offered by traditional Indian thought.

Foundations in Indian Psychology: Theories and Concepts does not limit itself to merely tracing the history of Indian thought. It demonstrates how ideas and practices from the Indian tradition can be used to tackle issues in contemporary psychology. The first book in a two-part series this volume focuses on influence of Vedic, Sufi, Buddhist and Yogic thought on modern psychology.
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The psychological perspectives of our time... Three shifts of a rhythm
1. Indian psychology: Implications and applications
2. A journey back to the roots: Psychology in India
3. Psychological Ideas in the Vedas and their relevance to contemporary psychology
4. On the Vedic Symbolism in the Light of Sri Aurobindo
5. Beyond mind: The future of Psychology as a Science
6. Indian Psychological thought in the age of Gobalization
7. Ego and ahamkara: Self and identity in modern psychology and Indian thought
8. Models of personality in Buddhist psychology
9. Integral Psychology: A new science of self, personality, and psychology
10. An integral approach to our psychic centre
11. The Sufi path of self-transformation
12. Being an authentic self: Some insights from the lives of Sri Aurobindo and Mahatma Gandhi
13. Indian psychology and the scientific method
14. Integrating yoga epistemology and ontology into an expanded integral approach to research
15. Knowing in the Indian tradition
16. What is knowledge? A reflection based on the work of Sri Aurobindo
17. The noetic process (citta vithi): A Theravada Buddhist view
18. Psychology of emotions: Some cultural perspectives
19. Why am I here? Implications of self and identity for conceptualizing motivation
20. The principles and practice of karma yoga in the writings and life of B. G. Tilak
21. From dejection to action: A narrative analysis of the transformation of Arjuna and Yudhihira
22. Cultural construction of creativity: Dualism and beyond
Glossary of words of Sanskrit or Pali origin
The contributors
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Foundations of Indian Psychology...
Exchange of ideas between different tradit...
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