Business Environment

By A.C. Fernando
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332504141
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Business Environment integrates concepts with real-world situations and the most data to help readers grasp complex economic concepts, a clear understanding of which is required to comprehend the various facets of the business environment. Designed to meet the requirements of commerce, economics and management students, it presents the subject matter logically, gradually guiding the reader from elementary to complex concepts.

Key Features:

  1. Provides an in-depth coverage of all conceivable topics on the subject.
  2. Focuses on economic development, examining the business environment from the perspective of developing economies.
  3. Includes illustrative cases that enable readers to appreciate the economic problems and issues they will face in the real world.
  4. Uses learning tools such as chapters objectives, detailed chapter summaries, key words and review questions to help the reader grasp the subject matter better.
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Part 1: Fundamental Concepts
Part 2: Economic Systems and Policies Relating to Business
Part 3: The Economics of Development
Part 4: Business and Society
Part 5: Economic Legislations
Part 6: The Industrial Sector
Part 7: Financial Systems
Part 8: The External Sector
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Business Environment
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Business Environment
<p>Business Environment integrates concept...
INR  584.10
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