Financial Services

By Thummuluri Siddaiah
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332502925
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Salient Features:
  1. Learning Tools: Uses tools such as learning objectives, marginalia, solved examples, boxes, figures, tables, and chapter summaries to help the reader grasp complex concepts.
  2. Indian Perspective: provides comprehensive coverage of traditional and contemporary financial products and services, and their delivery mechanisms in India. The regulations governing financial products and services are also covered in detail.
  3. Real-world Data: The use of data from sources such as SEBI, NSE, BSE, and NHB helps the reader apply the concepts and theories discussed in the book to systems and events in the real world.
  4. Analytical Approach: Cases, practical examples, and practice problems are designed to help students apply the theory discussed in the chapters.
Front Cover
Title Page
About the Author
Brief Contents
1. Financial Services: An Overview
2. Stock Exchanges in India
3. Financial Instruments
4. Management of Capital Issues
5. Pricing of Capital Issues
6. Settlement of Stock Market Transactions
7. Merchant Banking
8. Intermediaries in Capital Issues
9. Financial Derivatives
10. Depository and Custodial Services
11. Insider Trading
12. Credit Rating Services
13. Mutual Funds
14. Insurance Services
15. Venture Capital Financing
16. Securitization
17. Corporate Restructuring
18. Leasing and Hire Purchase
19. Non-banking Finance Companies
20. Chit Funds
21. Nidhis
22. Housing Finance
23. Factoring and Forfaiting Services
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Financial Services
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Financial Services
<strong>Salient Features:</strong><br/><ol...
INR  584.10
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