Financial Accounting

By V. Rajasekaran
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332503656
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This book provides a comprehensive, simple, and pragmatic presentation of various concepts in accounting. Rich in pedagogy and extensive in coverage, the book not only meets the requirements of the undergraduate students of different Indian universities but it can also be useful for the students of CA, CS, MBA and ICWA.

Important Features:
  1. Concepts in accounting explained with the help of diagrams and step-by-step illustrations.
  2. Select model questions from different universities.
  3. More than 400 solved examples.

Exercises include more than:
  1. 1000 MCQs, as well as true-or-flase and fill-in-the blanks exercises.
  2. 525 practical exercises.
  3. 500 short- and essay-type questions.
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Title Page
Book Details
Brief Contents
1. Accounting as an Information System
2. Nature of Financial Accounting Principles
3. Accounting Standards
4a. Accounting Process - Journal
4b. Accounting Process - Ledger
4c. Accounting Process - Subsidiary Books
4d. Accounting Process - From Journal to Trial Balance
5a. Accounting Process - From Trial Balance to Final Accounts and Final Accounts of Non-corporate Business Entities
5b. Capital and Revenue - Expenditures and Receipts
6. Accounting for Not-for-profit Organisations
7. Financial Statements from Incomplete Records (Single Entry System)
8. Measurement of Business Income
9. Revenue Recognition and Recognition of Expenses
10. The Nature of Depreciation
11. Inventory - Valuation
12. Accounting for Hire-Purchase and Installment
13. Accounting for Inland Branches
14. Dissolution of Partnership
15. Financial Statement Analysis
16. Accounting Ratios
17. Cash Flow Statement
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Financial Accounting
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Financial Accounting
This book provides a comprehensive, simple...
INR  584.10
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