Tourism Marketing

By Devashish Dasgupta
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332503809
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This book offers an in-depth treatment of the issue facing tourism marketers. The books rich frameworks, stories, photos and diagrams will stimulate many ideas for those engaged in attracting tourists to their areas.

This is a unique book on tourism marketing, which comprehensively presents the theory of the subject supported by cases and experiences from industry. The book offers valuable insights with wide relevance for the professional and as well as the student of tourism marketing.

Each chapter is easy-to-read, with excellent brief case studies that include photographs and maps, and builds on relevant tourism management and consumer research literature-an excellent introduction to the field of tourism management ... really provides much new and exciting knowledge on tourism in Asia.
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1. Tourism Market Environment Scanning
2. Tourist Consumer Behaviour
3. Customer Value, Loyalty and Satisfaction
4. Services Marketing Issues in Tourism
5. Marketing Mix and C's of Marketing in Tourism
6. Tourism Life Cycle
7. Tourism Market Segmentation and Targeting
8. Differentiation and Positioning in Tourism
9. Tourism Product Development and Packaging
10. Tourism Promotional Mix: An Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Approach
11. Destination Branding: Building Brand Equity
12. Information and Communication Technology in Tourism Marketing
13. Tourism Marketing: Planning, Implementation and Control - A Holistic Approach
14. Contemporary Avenues in Tourism
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Tourism Marketing
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Tourism Marketing
This book offers an in-depth treatment of ...
INR  449.10
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