Engineering Mathematics Volume 1

By E. Rukmangadachari, E. Keshava Reddy
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332504097
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Mathematics lays the basic foundation for engineering students to pursue their core subjects. This edition of Engineering Mathematics-1 covers the topics on ordinary differential equations of first-order and first-degree linear differential equations with constant coefficients equations reducible to linear form Rolls theorem Lagranges and Cauchys mean value theorem Taylors and Maclaurins series functions of several variables maximum and minimum radius of curvature application of integration to lengths volumes and surface areas of solids of revolution multiple integrals Laplace transforms and their applications to solutions of differential equations.

Topics such as vector calculus gradient divergence and curl and their properties line integral surface and volume integrals Gausss Greens and Stokess theorems and their applications have also been covered.

Salient Features:

  1. Solutions of first-order differential equations and in-depth coverage of curve-tracing.
  2. Detailed explanation of Laplace transforms.
  3. Over 200 objective-type questions that include multiple choice questions fill in the blanks match the following and true or false statements.
  4. Latest university model question papers with solutions.
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JNTU Anantapur Syllabus
1. Ordinary Differential Equations
2. Linear Differential Equations of Second and Higher Order
3. Rolle's Theorem and Mean Value Theorems
4. Functions of Several Variables
5. Radius of Curvature
6. Curve-Tracing
7. Applications of Integration
8. Multiple Integrals
9. Laplace Transforms
10. Applications of Laplace Transforms
11. Vector Differential Calculus
12. Vector Integral Calculus
Question Papers
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Engineering Mathematics Volume 1
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Engineering Mathematics Volume 1
<p>Mathematics lays the basic foundation f...
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