Fundamentals of Computer : For undergraduate courses in commerce and management

By ITL Education Solutions Limited
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332504165
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This meticulously organized book dwells on fundamentals that one must learn in order to pursue and venture in the computer field. The book has 13 chapters each covering basic as well as advanced concepts. Designed for undergraduate students of commerce and management as per the syllabus of different Indian universities Fundamentals of Computers may also be used as a textual resource in training programmes offered by computer institutes and as a self-study guide by professionals who want to improve their proficiency with computers.

Important Features:

  1. The content is written in a clear concise and lucid manner.
  2. The text is well-structured and well-supported with suitable diagrams.
  3. Emphasis is laid on practical application of theory. All ideas and concepts are presented with clear examples.
  4. Notes key points fact files and things to remember boxes throughout the book enhance the readers learning.
  5. An exhaustive set of exercises at the end of each chapter help develop wide and varied skill sets in the readers.
Front Cover
Title Page
Book Details
1. Introduction to Computers
2. Number Systems and Computer Codes
3. Introduction to Computer Software
4. Computer Programs and Languages
5. Operating System: MS-DOS and Windows
6. Windows XP
7. Microsoft Office Word 2003
8. Microsoft Office Excel 2003
9. Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
10. Microsoft Office Access 2003
11. Microsoft Office Outlook 2003
12. Data Communication and Networking
13. The Internet
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Fundamentals of Computer : For...
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Fundamentals of Computer : For...
<p>This meticulously organized book dwells...
INR  346.50
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