The Humanities: Methodology and Perspectives

By Abhijit Kundu,Pramod K. Nayar,Shweta
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332504134
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The Humanities : Methodology and Perspectives provides a comprehensive and accessible overview to the core themes and perspectives of the humanities.


  1. This book introduces the student to the methodological issues specific to the humanities.
  2. Inculcates critical perspectives towards the humanities.
  3. Elaborates upon the distinction between the methodologies of the natural social and human sciences.
  4. Dwells upon the questions concerning the relation between language and subjectivity and structure and agency in language.
  5. Examines the definitions of literature and considers the relationships among interpretation meaning and evaluation.
  6. Provides advice about writing persuasive arguments and offers a survey of some of the chief critical approaches to literature.

This book will be a valuable resource for the students and teachers of the humanities disciplines and also to everyone interested in the lively discussions and debates about the humanities.

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1. Understanding the Humanities
2. Language, Culture and Identity
3. Narration and Representation
4. Indian Philosophy
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The Humanities: Methodology and...
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The Humanities: Methodology and...
<p>The Humanities : Methodology and Perspe...
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