Heat and Mass Transfer, 2nd Edition

By R. Rudramoorthy, K. Mayilsamy
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332504042
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Salient Features:
  1. Detailed Coverage of combined heat transfer and its application in the design and analysis of real-life thermal system.
  2. A separate chapter on modeling and analysis with emphasis on numerical methods.

A new appendices on:

  1. Design of internal combustion engine cooling system.
  2. Properties of method.
  3. Heat transfer coefficients.
Front Cover
Title Page
1. Basic Modes of Heat Transfer
2. One-dimensional Steady-state Conduction
3. Transient Heat Conduction
4. Natural Convection
5. Forced Convection
6. Boiling
7. Condensation
8. Heat Exchangers
9. Radiation Heat Transfer
10. Modeling and Analysis
11. Experimental Heat Transfer
12. Mass Transfer
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Back Cover
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Written by Sameer Joglekar
on  April 29, 2016
hi this is a review
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Heat and Mass Transfer, 2nd Edition
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Heat and Mass Transfer, 2nd Edition
<strong>Salient Features:</strong><br/><ol...
INR  521.10
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