Indian Political Thought : Themes And Thinkers

By Prof. Mahendra Prasad Singh, Himanshu Roy
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332504325
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Indian Political Thought: Themes and Thinkers covers all major Indian political thinkers from ancient, through medieval, to modern times. Thus, this book provides an overview of the evolution of Indian political through and offers insights into the thinking. Not only dose it talk about the live and times of the thinkers, it also explores the important themes that formed the basis of their political ideologies. The chapters discuss the contributions of the thinkers and at the same time examine important themes. including the theory of the state, civil rights, the ideal polity, governance, nationalism, democracy, social issues like gender and caste, and political ideologies such as swaraj, satyagraha, liberalism, constitutionalism, Marxism, socialism and Gandhism.
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1. Kautilya: Theory of State
2. Manu: Social Laws
3. Zia Barani: Good Sultan and Ideal Polity
4. Abul Fazl: Governance and Administration
5. Rammohan Roy: Civil Rights
6. Jotirao Phule: Social Justice
7. Vivekanand: Cultural Nationalism
8. Aurobindo: Nationalism and Democracy
9. Ramabai: Gender and Caste
10. Gandhi: Swaraj and Satyagraha
11. Jinnah: Liberal Constitutionalism and Islam
12. Savarkar: Hindutva and Critique of Caste System
13. Nehru: Ideas of Development
14. M. N. Roy: Twentieth-Century Renaissance
15. Periyar: Radical Liberalism
16. Ambedkar: Constitutionalism and State Structure
17. Ambedkar: Democracy and Economic Theory
18. Lohia: Democracy
19. Jayaprakash Narayan: Marxism, Democratic Socialism and Gandhism
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