Step by Step

By K.Nirupa Rani, Jayashres Mohanraj, B.Indira, B.Sa..
Publisher: Pearson India, 2011
ISBN: 9789332504813
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Step by step: Learning Language and Life Skills goes beyond merely teaching English, and integrates an activity-based language teaching programme with everyday aspects of our lives. The approach of this book aims to empower young professionals with the confidence and skills to engage with address the world they live in.

  1. Mapped to CEFR A2-B1.
  2. 60 new exercises and assignments.
  3. Detachable Language Set for recording progress and overall assessment.
  4. Revised feedback sheets for clearer understanding of student learning.
  5. New life skills section with multiple tasks to summarize chapter objectives.
Front Cover
Title Page
Book Details
Brief Contents
Language Set
1. Read and Proceed
2. Health
3. Travel
4. Disaster Management
5. Gender
6. Sport
Back Cover
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Step by Step
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Step by Step
<strong>Step by step:</strong> Learning La...
INR  179.10
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