Atomic and Nuclear Physics

By Shatendra K. Sharma
Publisher: Pearson India, 2008
ISBN: 9789332504356
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Salient Features:
  1. Five chapters are devoted to radioactivity: Radioactivity, Radioactive Decay Theory, Interaction of Radiation with Matter, Radiation Detectors and Radiation Safety and Health Physics.
  2. A chapter on LASERs covers principle of their operation, including light amplification techniques, population inversion, and the mechanism of pumping. The operation of different types of lasers and their application are also covered.
  3. The chapter Instruments and Applications deals with important instruments, such as TEM, SEM, multichannel analyzers, and the electron microprobe analyzer, as well as contemporary techniques such as ESR, and the CAT scan. This chapter also covers diagnostic radiology, nuclear techniques in medicine, and radiation therapy.
  4. 200 review questions are end-of-chapter exercises to reinforce key concepts.
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Title Page
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Dedicated to
1. Basic Concepts
2. Special Theory of Relativity
3. Atomic Structure
4. Introduction to X-Rays
5. Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
6. Lasers
7. Radioactivity
8. Radioactive Decay Theory
9. Interaction of Radiation with Matter
10. Atomic Inner-Shell Excitation and De-Excitation Processes
11. Radiation Detectors
12. The Structure of Nucleus
13. Nuclear Forces
14. Nuclear Fission and Fusion
15. Nuclear Reactions with Neutrons
16. Nuclear Reactor Physics
17. Elementary Particles and Nucleon Structure
18. Cosmic Rays
19. Radiation Safety and Health Physics
20. Instruments and Applications
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Atomic and Nuclear Physics
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Atomic and Nuclear Physics
<strong>Salient Features:</strong><br/><ol...
INR  611.10
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