Linear Algebra

By Promode Kumar Saikia
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332504370
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Key Features :
  1. Easy-paced treatment of basic concepts that is suitable for undergraduates and for self-study.
  2. Treatment of ranks of matrices through row and column spaces.
  3. Explicit Computations of based of sums and intersections of subspaces.
  4. Careful exposition of concepts such as minimal polynomial and invariant subspaces.
  5. Introduction to singular value decomposition and generalized inverses.
  6. Numerous examples and exercises of varying difficulty.
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A Note to Students
A list of Symbols
1. Matrices
2. Systems of Linear Equations
3. Vector Spaces
4. Linear Maps and Matrices
5. Linear Operators
6. Canonical Forms
7. Bilinear Forms
8. Inner Product Spaces
9. Selected Topics
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Linear Algebra
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Linear Algebra
<strong>Key Features :</strong><br/><ol><l...
INR  427.50
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