Laboratory Manual for Engineering Chemistry

By B.B. Patra
Publisher: Pearson India, 2010
ISBN: 9789332504431
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Features :
  1. Book has been exclusively designed for the first-year undergraduate students of engineering in Biju Patnaik University of Technology for their laboratory course in chemistry.
  2. All experiments are explained as per the Biju Patnaik University of Technology syllabus for the first year students of B.Tech.
  3. Book is supplemented with theoretical explanations followed by procedure description, tabulation, calculation, sample calculation.
  4. This book will certainly help all B.Tech. or B.E. students to do well in their viva voce while completing their experiments cum examinations.
  5. Book will also serve as a text book in Chemistry practical examinations for any student in laboratory.
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Experiments as per BPUT, Odisha Syllabus
General Instructions and Laboratory Rules
Common Laboratory Equipments and Techniques
1. Determining the Amount of Sodium Hydroxide and Sodium Carbonate in a Mixture
2. Standardisation of KMnO4 Using Sodium Oxalate
3. Determining Ferrous Iron in Mohr's Salt by Potassium Permanganate
4. Determining the Percentage of Available Chlorine in a Sample of Bleaching Powder
5. Determining the Total Hardness of Water by the EDTA Method
6. Estimation of Calcium in Limestone
7. Determining the Dissolved Oxygen in a Sample of Water
8. Preparation of a Buffer Solution and Determination of the pH of the Buffer Solution
9. Determining the Viscosity of a Lubricating Oil by Redwood Viscometer No. 1
10. Determining the Flash Point of a Given Oil by Pensky-Martein's Flash Point Apparatus
11. Determining the Concentrartion of a Coloured Substance by a Spectrophotometer
12. Determining the Partition Coefficients of Iodine Between Benzene and Water
13. Determining the Rate Constant of an Acid-Catalysed Hydrolysis Reaction
14. Preparation of Phenolphthalein
15. Preparation of Aspirin
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