Heat and Thermodynamics

By Anandamoy Manna
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332504448
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Salient Features :
  1. A separate chapter explains the mathematical preliminaries before proceeding to the conceptual equations and functions.
  2. One chapter covering all important topics in statistical thermodynamics such as the Maxwell Boltzman law, Boss-Einstine law and Femi-Dirac law.
  3. Two chapters explain in detail the concepts, characteristics and applications associated with transference of heat.
  4. 175 solved numerical problems, 125 practice problems with answer and 155 exercises.
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1. Mathematical Preliminaries
2. Thermometry
3. The Mechanical Equivalent of Heat
4. Kinetic Theory Of Gases
5. Equations Of State
6. Change Of State
7. The Joule-Thomson Cooling Effect
8. First Law of Thermodynamics
9. The Second Law of Thermodynamics
10. Thermodynamic Relations
11. Conduction of Heat
12. Radiation
13. Introduction to Statistical Thermodynamics
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Heat and Thermodynamics
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Heat and Thermodynamics
<strong>Salient Features :</strong><br/><o...
INR  449.10
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