By Raj Kamal
Publisher: Pearson India, 2011
ISBN: 9789332504882
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New in the Second Edition :
  1. Newly added examples in the chapters for a better understanding of the architecture, instructions and internal resources in the 8051 micro-controller and for the real time operating system.
  2. Interfacing of touch screen displaying and controllers.
  3. Two new chapters for programming examples in assembly language and C with flowcharts, programs and sample codes for developing embedded micro-controller applications.
  4. Provides insight into architecture, instructions and internal resources in the PIC micro-controller.
  5. Expanded bibliography, web-references and web-links to various micro-controller datasheets.
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Preface to the second edition
1. Types, Selection and Applications of Microcontrollers
2. Overview of Architecture and Microcontroller Resources
3. Intel 8051/8031 Family Architecture
4. 8051 Family Microcontrollers Instruction Set
5. Real Time Control: Interrupts
6. Real-time Control: Timers
7. System Design: Peripherals and Interfacing
8. Systems Design: Digital and Analog Interfacing Methods
9. Programming in Assembly
10. Programming in C
11. Real-time Operating System for System Design
12. Development Tools for Microcontroller Applications
13. PIC Family Microcontrollers
14. 16-Bit Microcontrollers: 8096/80196 Family
15. 32-Bit ARM7, ARM9 and ARM MCUs: Architecture, Programming and Development Tools
16. Motorola MC68HC11/12 Family
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