Mechanical Vibrations

By Shrikant Bhave
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332504868
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Salient Features:
  1. Vibrations Diagnostic and Control - A chapter detailing vibration problems, their analysis and the reasons.
  2. MATLAB - Numerical problems solved using MATLAB on the method of discretization, choice of element, shape functions, etc.
  3. Running examples are provided throughout the chapter to explain theoretical concepts.
Front Cover
Title Page
Book Details
1. Fundamentals of vibration analysis
2. Single degree-of-freedom vibration systems
3. Two degrees-of-freedom systems
4. Multi degrees-of-freedom systems
5. Torsional vibrations
6. Transverse vibrations
7. Vibration diagnosis and control
8. Finite element method
9. Fundamentals of experimental modal analysis
10. Miscellaneous topics in vibration analysis and introduction to noise analysis
Appendix - A
Appendix - B
Appendix - C
Appendix - D
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Mechanical Vibrations
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Mechanical Vibrations
<strong>Salient Features:</strong><br/><ol...
INR  422.10
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