Control Systems Engineering

By S.K. Bhattacharya
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332505360
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  1. Rouths criteria, Bode plot, Nyquist criteria and the root-locus technique are discussed in detail with solved examples.
  2. Extensive discussion of compensating networks.
  3. Digital control system is explained in detail.
  4. Solved numerical problems, practice problems and objective-type questions with answers.
  5. Each chapter contains MATLAB programming on analysis of control systems.
Front Cover
Title Page
Preface to the Second Eddition
1. Introduction
2. Modelling a Control System-Transfer Function Approach
3. Modelling a Control System-Block Diagram Representation
4. Modelling a Control System-Signal Flow Graphs
5. Feedback Control System-Characteristics and Performance
6. Time Response Analysis
7. Concept of Stability and Routh-Hurwitz Criteria
8. The Root Locus Technique
9. Frequency Response Analysis
10. Design and Compensation
11. Concept of State Variable Modelling
12. Introduction to Digital Control Systems
Appendix 1: Laplace Transform
Appendix 2: Matlab Fundamentals
Appendix 3: Key Terms
Solved Question Papers
Back Cover
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Control Systems Engineering
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Control Systems Engineering
INR  315.00
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