Foundations of Software Testing: For VTU

By Aditya P Mathur
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332505230
Available for:
for iPad
for android
for Html5
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  1. Algorithmic approach to describe a wide range of techniques for test generation.
  2. Detailed treatment of topics such as test generation from finite state models, combinatorial designs and test selection and minimization for regression testing.
  3. Test adequacy assessment using criteria mandated by the FAA and other agencies, data-flow based adequacy and mutation-based adequacy are the most powerful of the available test adequacy criteria.
  4. Step-by-step algorithms to generate tests.
  5. Comparative analyses of commercially available testing tools to facilitate tool selection.
  6. 252 examples and 199 exercises that range from simple to highly challenging.
Front Cover
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Part 1 Preliminaries
Part 2 Test Generation
Part 3 Test Adequacy Assessment And Enhancement
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Written by Anoop Porwal
on  April 07, 2016
It is very interesting book.
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Foundations of Software Testing:...
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Foundations of Software Testing:...
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