Programming Techniques Through C : A Beginners Companion

By M.G. Venkateshmurthy
Publisher: Pearson India, 2006
ISBN: 9789332504677
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for android
for Html5
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Salient Feature:

  1. The procedure to solve a problem is explained in the method which is independent of any programming language.
  2. A detailed Flowchart is given for each problem to determine the sequence of operations.
  3. Just required C details are provided in C Tips to enable learners gain insights.
  4. Complete C programs are provided for each examples discussed.
  5. Includes end-of-chapters exercises to test your understanding.� 
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1. Algorithms and Flowcharts
2. Basic Techniques
3. Decision Making
4. Looping Techniques
5. Multi-Way Decision Making
6. Arrays
7. Characters and String Handling
8. Solving with Modules
9. Pointers
10. Structures
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Programming Techniques Through C...
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Programming Techniques Through C...
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