Network Management: Principles and Practices 2nd Edition

By Mani Subramanian
Publisher: Pearson India, 2011
ISBN: 9789332505032
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New to this edition:
  1. Networks management extended to telecommunication management.
  2. Maps the concept of eTOM with TMN.
  3. Extensive treatment on the design of an NMS with practical Perspective.
  4. Focuses on management of wired, fixed wireless and mobile broadband access, and home networks including evolving management of Optical and MPLS networks that are widely deployed in the telecommunication network.
  5. Web, CORBA and XML based technologies addressed along with NGOSS technology.
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Part 1: Background
Part 2: SNMP and Network Management
Part 3: TMN and Applications Management
Part 4: Broadband Network Management
Appendix A OSI Network and System Management
Appendix B Project Suggestions
Appendix C Laboratory Tutorials
Appendix D Spread Spectrum Technology: OFDM
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