Derivatives and Risk Management

By Sundaram Janakiramanan, R. Madhumathi, M. Rangath..
Publisher: Pearson India, 2011
ISBN: 9789332504745
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Key Features:
  1. Each chapter begins with a feature called The Situation, in which managers in a fictitious company must make certain key decisions in the derivatives market.
  2. Details about the Indian derivatives market, including the latest data from the various Stock exchanges.
  3. The chapters are interspersed with Box items that provide interesting facts related to the topic discussed in the chapter.
  4. Examples and the case studies drawn from organizations based in India offer extensive view of the functioning style of India companies across diverse sections.
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1. Introduction
2. The Derivatives Market in India
3. Interest Rates
4. Forward Contracts
5. Futures Contracts
6. Hedging Strategies Using Futures
7. Single Stock Futures and Stock Index Futures
8. Interest Rate Futures
9. Currency Futures
10. Swaps
11. Fundamentals of Options
12. Call and Put Options
13. Combinations of Options: Trading Strategies
14. Put-Call Parity
15. The Binomial Options Pricing Model
16. The Black-Scholes Options Pricing Model
17. Currency Options, Interest Rate Options and Options on Futures
18. Greeks in Options
19. Exotic Options
20. Credit Derivatives
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Derivatives and Risk Management
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Derivatives and Risk Management
<strong>Key Features:</strong><br/><ol><li...
INR  512.10
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