Organizational Change

By Harsh Pathak
Publisher: Pearson India, 2010
ISBN: 9789332504653
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Salient Features:
  1. Takes a conceptual and analytical approach to the way that theory and research in relation to organization and change is explored and critiqued.
  2. Includes practical elements in its provision of description and worked examples of different approaches to effecting change.
  3. Asks readers to undertake challenging activities to encourage the application of ideas and learning from the text to personal experience.
  4. One closing case wraps up the discussion in each chapter.
  5. Practicing Organizational Change: Class-tested end-of-chapter experiential exercises give students experience with organizational theory.
  6. Case for analysis: Twenty case studies provided at the end are meant to be used in class to facilitate discussion.
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1. Business Organisation: The Domain of Change
2. Organisational Culture and Change
3. Concept of Change
4. Organisational Resistance to Change
5. Organisational Change and Change Agents
6. Strategic Management of Change
7. Organisational Diagnosis
8. Organisational Development
9. Manager as Catalyst of Change
10. Learning Organisation: The Ultimate Objective of Management of Change
11. Some Models of Organisational Change
References and Selected Bibliography
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Organizational Change
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Organizational Change
<strong>Salient Features:</strong><br/><ol...
INR  440.10
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