The Indian Financial System

By Bharati V. Pathak
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332504950
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Features New to This Edition:
  1. Addition of four chapters: Investment Banking, Leasing and Hire Purchase, Financial Inclusion and Micro Finance and Housing Finance.
  2. Incorporation of new concepts such as anchor investors, ASBA, auction-based building method, foreign currency exchangeable bonds and residential mortgage backed securitization.
  3. Discussion on risk manageable in blanks and the US Subprime mortgage crisis and its impact on the Indian financial system.
  4. Inclusion of case studies in several chapters.
  5. Inclusion of pedagogical tools like chapters learning objectives, boxes, tables, chapter summaries, key terms, review question and multiple-choice questions.
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Part 1: Financial System
Part 2: Financial Markets
Part 3: Financial Institutions
Part 4: Financial Services
Part 5: Financial Regulation
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The Indian Financial System
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The Indian Financial System
<strong>Features New to This Edition:</str...
INR  517.50
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