Total Quality Management 2nd Edition

By Poornima M. Charantimath
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332503700
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Key Features :

  1. Eleven new chapters: The second edition comprises 18 chapters with revised and expanded coverage on the latest techniques and practices followed in total quality management.
  2. Balanced coverage of the manufacturing and service sectors: the manufacturing and service sectors have been covered in greater detail by showcasing real-world practices from the Indian scenario.
  3. New chapter on Six Sigma and TPM: Completely new chapter on Six Sigma and TPM discuss the most recent trends practices in total quality management.
  4. Eighteen new case studies: Eighteen end-of-chapter case studies drawn from diverse sectors reflect current thinking and practice.
  5. Comprehensive supplement package: A complete supplement package comprising an instructors manual, PowerPoint slides and multiple-choice questions support interactive teaching and learning.
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About the Author
1. Quality Concepts
2. Quality Gurus
3. The Philosophy of Total Quality Management
4. Leadership and Strategic Planning
5. TQM Kitemarks
6. Statistical Concepts in Quality Management
7. Six Sigma
8. Quality Improvement Tools
9. Kaizen-Continuous Improvement
10. Breakthrough Improvement
11. Benchmarking
12. Business Process Re-engineering
13. Business Process Management
14. Total Productive Maintenance
15. Customer-driven Quality
16. TQM in Services
17. Quality Management System
18. Quality Audit
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Total Quality Management 2nd Edition
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Total Quality Management 2nd Edition
<p><strong>Key Features :</strong></p> <ol...
INR  449.10
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