Contemporary India: Economy, Society, Politics

By Neera Chandhoke, Praveen Priyadarshi
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332505667
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Contemporary India is a country of contradictions, with some of the worlds richest and poorest sharing the same soil; national and regional histories jostling for intellectual and cultural space; and the most vibrant democratic practices coexisting with feudal, casteist, and religious ones. Few original works manage to capture the diverse, complex and contradictory nature of this reality. Fewer, still, portray this reality in a language and tone suitable for students and laypersons.

Designed mainly to cater to the BA foundation course on contemporary India of the University of Delhi, the vast range of topics discussed in this book and the lucidity of the language will ensure that undergraduate and postgraduate students of the social sciences from different universities, civil service aspirants, journalists, and general readers alike will find the book useful.
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Praise for Contemporary India
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Introduction: Democracy in Contemporary India Neera Chandhoke and Praveen Priyadarshi
Part 1: Economy
Part 2: Society
Part 3: Politics
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Contemporary India: Economy,...
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Contemporary India: Economy,...
Contemporary India is a country of contrad...
INR  359.10
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