Health Psychology

Publisher: Pearson India, 2011
ISBN: 9789332519794
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The textbook on health psychology illustrates the scientific relations among psychological factors, behavior, physical health and illness.
It provides an understanding on how psychological, environmental, biological and societal factors affect the health of an individual and stresses upon the role that beliefs and behavior play in health.
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Detailed Curriculum
1. Introduction to Health Psychology
2. Biological Foundations of Health and Illness
3. Health Behaviours
4. Enhancing Health and Preventing Illness
5. Health-compromising Behaviours
6. Stress and the Development of Illness
7. Coping with Stress
8. Pain and Its Management
9. Patient in the Treatment Setting
10. Diabetes, Stroke, CHD and Hypertension
11. Chronic Illness-Cancer and AIDS
12. Paediatric Health Psychology
13. Ageing and Health
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Health Psychology
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Health Psychology
The textbook on health psychology illustra...
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