The Indian Economy Since 1991 : Economic Reforms And Performance, 2nd Edition

By B. A. Prakash
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332519664
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  1. With a focus on economic reforms and the performance of the Indian economy since 1991, The Indian Economy Since 1991 is the outcome of the collaborative effort of 28 experts who have made significant contributions in research toward the Indian economy. Using a data-based, analytical approach to key economic issues and problems, coupled with extensive coverage and a critical and in-depth analysis of the developments in all major sub-sectors of the Indian economy, this edited volume examines the impact of the reforms on various fronts such as economic performance, employment, unemployment, planning process, financial and fiscal sectors, external sector, agriculture, industry, infrastructure, health, education, poverty and federal finance since 1991.
  2. The second edition of this edited volume includes five new chapters covering recent events that have made a significant impact on the Indian economy, such as the global economic crisis, inflation, institutional credit, agricultural growth and the 13th finance commission. An excellent entry-level reader for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in economics, this volume will also serve well as a reference book for students preparing for competitive exams.
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1. Introduction
2. Demography, Employment and Unemployment
3. Planning
4. Financial and Fiscal Sector Reforms
5. External Sector
6. Agriculture
7. Industry and Infrastructure
8. Health, Education and Poverty
9. Federal Finance And Decentralized Planning
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The Indian Economy Since 1991 :...
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The Indian Economy Since 1991 :...
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