Public Administration: Theory and Practice

By Hoshiar Singh, Pradeep Sachdeva
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332519817
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Building upon the idea that public administration is the most vital tool of governance, this text explores its role in preserving and promoting peace in a welfare state. Written for undergraduate students, the authors lay immense stress on the fundamental theme and the key concepts throughout the discussion in the book to develop students understanding and discourse skills in the field.
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1. Meaning, Scope and Importance of Public Administration
2. Theories of Organisation
3. Principles of Organisation
4. Administrative Behaviour
5. Structure of Organisation
6. Personnel Administration
7. Financial Administration
8. Accountability and Control
9. Administrative Reforms
10. Administrative Law
11. Administrative Culture
12. New Public Management
13. Good Governance
14. Comparative and Development Administration: Meaning, Nature, Scope and Importance
15. Public Policy
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Public Administration: Theory...
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Public Administration: Theory...
Building upon the idea that public adminis...
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