Public Policy and Systems

By Editor: Prabir Kumar De
Publisher: Pearson India, 2011
ISBN: 9789332519824
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With the rejection of the exclusive regulatory stand after the 1990s in favor of a developmental role of the state, the study of public policy has become a significant discipline in recent times. This textbook comprehensively covers the theoretical aspects of public policyits meaning, significance and models for public policy analysis. It places equal emphasis on theory and conceptual premises alongside contextual analysis of public policy, analyzing its implementation in India, the United States and in a globalized world. As the state has proved itself to be a catalyst of development, this book analyses the impact of the policy changes on areas such as public life, rural development, anti-poverty programmes and decentralized planning.
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1. Public Policy: Meaning, Scope and Importance
2. The Emergence of Policy Sciences
3. Models for Public Policy Analysis
4. Public Policy Cycle
5. Policy-making in India
6. Policy Implementation and Evaluation
7. Determinants of Public Policy
8. Public Policy in India
9. Public Policy in the United States
10. Food Security in India and the United States
11. Rural Development and Anti-poverty Programmes
12. Decentralized Planning
13. Globalization and Policy-making Capacity of the State
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Public Policy and Systems
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Public Policy and Systems
With the rejection of the exclusive regula...
INR  243.00
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