Political Theory

By Hovyeda Abbas, Ranjay Kumar
Publisher: Pearson India, 2011
ISBN: 9789332519831
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Political science is the study and analysis of the theory and practice of politics. Political theory is about description, observation, analysis and inquiry into the issues of political science. These issues, in turn, are governed by ideals and normative values such as liberty, rights, equality and justice, which serve to define the rights and responsibilities of the government and of citizens, or groups of citizens. Specially designed for the undergraduate students of Gauhati University and Dibrugarh University, this book captures these aspects of political science and analyses them in the light of relevant examples from India and the rest of the world. Through a thorough examination of various political institutions, the role of different social groups and the evolution of our politics Political Theory will guide students in understanding the basic concepts and notions of political theory, and how these apply to political systems across the world.
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1. Approaches to the Study of Political Science
2. Concept, Definition and Origin of the State
3. Perspective on Functions and Role of the State
4. Concepts of Sovereignty, Globalization and Challenges
5. Concepts of Liberty, Freedom and Rights
6. Concepts of Equality and Justice
7. Power, Authority and Legitimacy
8. Concept and Theories of Democracy
9. Development and Dependency
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Political Theory
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Political Theory
Political science is the study and analysi...
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