Educational Technology

By R. P. Pathak, Jagdeesh Chaudhary
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332519732
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Features :
  1. This textbook will be useful for student and teachers of BEd and MEd.
  2. Clear segmentation of educational objectives.
  3. Detailed instructions on the teaching-learning processes.
  4. Concrete directives for creating the best lesson plans.
  5. Comprehensive set of glossary terms for quick reference.
  6. Extensive evaluation of key concepts.
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About the Author
1. Educational Technology
2. Educational Objectives
3. Teaching and Learning
4. Principles of Teaching
5. Models of Teaching
6. Micro Teaching
7. Simulated Teaching
8. Audio-Visual Teaching
9. Programmed Learning
10. Programmed Instruction Material
11. System Approach
12. Interaction Analysis in Teaching
13. Mass Media Approach
14. Communication and Educational Media
15. Hardware and Software
16. Lesson Planning
17. Action Research
18. Educational Technology and Distance Education
19. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Education
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Educational Technology
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Educational Technology
Features : <ol> <li>This textbook will be ...
INR  206.10
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