Politics, Ethics and Social Responsibility of Business (University of Delhi)

By K. V. Bhanu Murthy,Usha Krishna
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332519756
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Important Features :
  1. Comprehensive coverage of syllabus.
  2. Distinct classification of content into units, sections and sub-sections for a systematic coverage of the subject.
  3. Every chapter begins with a list of learning outcomes that readers can map to the required learning objectives.
  4. CSR practices followed by companies in India and abroad are highlighted in the book.
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Unit 1 : Thinking Conceptually about Politics
Unit 2 : Domain of Politics and Ethics
Unit 3 : Business Ethics and Moral Reasoning
Unit 4 : Politics and Ethics in Business
Unit 5 : Corporate Social Responsibility: An Overview
Unit 6 : Issues of Corruption and Unethical Practices
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Politics, Ethics and Social...
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Politics, Ethics and Social...
Important Features :<br/><ol><li>Comprehen...
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