Managerial Economics

By Vanita Agarwal
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332521377
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About the Book:
  1. Now business schools, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, worldwide and in India ensure that students undertake suitable courses in economics.
  2. Managerial economics mainly introduces topics in microeconomics and macroeconomics to students to enable them to apply the same to business decisions.
  3. The purpose of teaching managerial economics is to equip them with the ability to deliberate logically and critically the challenging process of framing business strategies later on in their careers.
  4. The purpose of this book is not only to make the study of microeconomics and macroeconomics simple for business students but also to enable them to apply it to every day business situations.
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1. An Introduction to Managerial Economics: Nature and Scope
2. Objectives of a Business Firm, Decision Rules and the Process of Optimization
3. Demand, Elasticity of Demand and Elasticity of Supply
4. Demand Forecasting
5. Cardinal Utility Approach
6. Ordinal Utility Approach: Indifference Curve Theory and Its Applications
7. Revealed Preference Theory
8. Production Function
9. Cost Function
10. Perfect Competition
11. Monopoly and Monopolistic Competition
12. Oligopoly and Strategies of Pricing
13. Capital Budgeting and the Decision to Invest
14. Theories of Distribution
15. General Equilibrium and Welfare Economics
16. National Income
17. Classical Model of Income Determination
18. Keynesian Model of Income Determination in a Two-sector Economy, Shifts in Aggregate Demand and Multiplier
19. Keynesian Model of Income Determination in Three-sector and Four-sector Economies
20. IS-LM Model for a Two-sector Economy
21. Theories of Investment Spending
22. Economic Growth, Business Cycles and Stabilization Policy
23. Theory of International Trade, Trade Policy and Foreign Exchange
24. Balance of Payments and the International Monetary System
25. Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy
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Managerial Economics
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Managerial Economics
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