Business Communication Skills, Concepts, and Applications (Third Edition)

By P. D. Chaturvedi, Mukesh Chaturvedi
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332524347
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About the Book:
  1. This edition incorporates four new chapters, Chapter 2-Reading Skills, Chapter 3-Speaking Skills, Chapter 12-Social Media and Chapter 16-Communication for Conflict Management.
  2. The focus on technology and upcoming areas is a crucial feature of this edition.
  3. The third edition also carries many new cases included in the last edition, such as the ones on report writing, non-verbal communication, and negotiation skills.
  4. Continuing from the second edition, the third edition also follows a new learning design.
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Brief Contents
About the Authors
Part 1 : Communication Skills
Part 2 : Business Communication
Part 3 : Structured Applications
Appendix 1: Grammar, Usage, and Style
Appendix 2: The Process of Research
Appendix 3: A Sample Report
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Business Communication Skills,...
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