Basic Vocabulary for Competitive Examinations (Third Edition)

By Edgar Thorpe,Showick Thorpe
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332524736
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Salient Features:
  1. Basic Vocabulary for Competitive Examinations contains an array of words in different categories along with their detailed meanings and usage and connections which are essential in developing a good vocabulary builder book.
  2. Another important requirement is a structured assessment zone that not only works as a diagnostic tool but also as a learning platform.
  3. This has been the flavour of this title and its first two editions have proven to be effective resources in enhancing scores of its users in various tests they have competed in.
  4. The third edition of this book has been enhanced with material in such a way that the balance of the structure is maintained.
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Preface to the Third Edition
1. Significance of Good Vocabulary
2. Comprehensive Word-Lists
3. Vocabulary Based Multiple Choice Questions
4. Twenty-Twenty Power Drills
5. Hit Parades
6. Multiple Choice Question Bin
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INR  225.00
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