Understanding Research: Pearson New International Edition

By Neuman, W. Lawrence
Publisher: Pearson Education Limited, 2013
ISBN: 9781292033648
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Understanding Research is an accessible and visually-appealing introduction to research.  Whether students become producers or consumers of research, this text shows them that the subject is both interesting and highly relevant for their lives and professional work.
Table of Contents
1. Why Do Research?
2. Planning A Study
3. Becoming An Ethical Researcher
4. Sampling: How To Select A Few To Represent The Many
5. Measuring Social Life
6. The Survey: Asking People Questions
7. The Experiment
8. Research With Nonreactive Measures
9. Making Sense Of The Numbers
10. Observing People In Natural Settings
11. Looking at the Past and Across Cultures
12. Writing a Research Report
13. Appendix: Data and Literature Research
14. Appendix: Sample Articles Based on Different Research Methods
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