The Dynamics of Successful Personality Development and Projection

By J.R.Bhatti
Publisher: Pearson India, 2011
ISBN: 9789332509597
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Whether you are a student seeking admission in your dream institution, a graduate looking for a coveted job, or a manager wanting to progress in career, you need to successfully develop and project your personality. The Dynamics of Personality Development and Projection is a concise yet comprehensive book, where you will find expert guidance on all the issues involved in your quest. This lucidly written book explains basic concepts, provides review exercises and offers self-help tools that make the journey to successful personality development and projection a simple, manageable and memorable one. The book features review exercises in each chapter; model questions and answers for self-development; practical tips and chapter-wise questionnaires at the end.
About the Author
Part I: Concept and Dynamics of Personality Formation and Development
Part II: Principles and Methods of Personality Projection
Chapter-wise Questionnaires
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The Dynamics of Successful...
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The Dynamics of Successful...
Whether you are a student seeking admissio...
INR  166.50
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